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Read What Expert Health Professionals Say

What Health Professionals’ Say

  • A hospital Podiatrist says:

    “The AIRCYCLE serves as a reminder for people to exercise while sitting. For people with arthritis, it helps to keep the foot and ankle joints moving and the potential for increased blood flow is great for people with diabetes.

    The AIRCYCLE exercises are similar to those currently recommended by airlines to help reduce the likelihood of swelling of the feet and legs and D.V.T. which can occur in people who sit for long periods of time.”

  • An Arthritis Educator says:

    “Many members and clients of the Wellington Service Centre have purchased and used an Aircycle since they first came on the market years ago.

    They are very easy to use and the benefits (with regular use) for some people with arthritis have included improved muscle strength, improved movement, especially in the ankle, improved circulation, improved balance and in turn, improved confidence.”

  • A Physiotherapist says:

    “I used the Aircycle with a stroke patient to initiate selective muscle function and I used the Aircycle with two musculo skeletal patients to normalize joint function, reduce pain and again to initiate muscle activity. I found the Aircycle helpful as an aid in conjunction with other therapies.” Ron works with a hospital level of care population and is a New Zealand Registered Physiotherapist.

  • A Pharmacist says:

    “I absolutely love your product and have been selling and recommending it to my patients for many years. It’s a great natural way of improving blood circulation and helping with joint pain and swelling,” says Mohammad Albati “and a product you can conveniently take with you wherever you go.”

    - Mohammad Albati, Pharmacist

  • Athlete’s use for muscle recovery

    “I’m an athlete,” says Bruce. “After seeing my client’s success, I realized I could use the same seated exercise to aid in muscle recovery after a hard workout.”

    - Bruce Thomson Invercargill

  • A Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist says:

    “This Aircycle is good in that it will exercise the intrinsic musculature of the foot and act to assist the pump mechanism which pushes blood away from the peripheries and up to the heart.

    It is good for shifting oedema (swelling in the feet) and prompting the return of de-oxygenated blood to the heart and will help to maintain joint mobility.

    By pushing on this Aircycle, the calf muscles are also required to work and this ensures the reduction of accumulated fluid (oedema) in the ankles and feet”.

    - Angela Bayley

  • A Certified Functional Ageing Specialist says:

    What muscles am I working and how can that help with walking and balance?

    The pumping action when you use the Aircycle requires ankle flexion and extension. This movement is activated by the muscles of your lower leg; the calf muscles do the extension and one on the front of your lower leg dorsi flexes the ankle i.e. pulls your toes up.

    You can easily feel this muscle working. If you are sitting, simply reach down and place your fingers close to your shin bone. Pull your toes up and tap the ground a few times and you will feel it contracting and relaxing.

    This muscle is called tibialus anterior as it runs up the front (anterior) of your tibia or shin bone. It is worth a special mention because it is very important in creating a safe and efficient walking gait. If your tibialus anterior muscle is not working well you will not be able to pick up your toes and execute a heel-to-toe movement as you walk. If your toes are not clearing the ground sufficiently you run the increased risk of stumbling and falling. An event to be avoided at all cost!

    Keeping ankle and wrist joints as mobile as possible.

    In a joint, bones do not directly contact each other. They are cushioned by cartilage lining the joints, synovial membranes around the joint and a lubricating fluid inside the joints called synovial fluid. With age, joint movement becomes stiffer and less flexible because the amount of lubricating fluid inside your joints decreases and the cartilage becomes thinner. Ligaments also tend to shorten and lose some flexibility, making joints feel stiff.

    Many of these age-related changes to joints are caused by lack of exercise and this is where the Aircycle can help enormously. Movement of the joint, when you perform the pumping action in either your feet (ankles) or hands (wrists) and the associated ‘stress’ of movement, helps keep the fluid moving. Conversely being inactive causes the cartilage to shrink and stiffen, reducing joint mobility still further.

    - Kris Tynan, Active Ageing Exercise Specialist

  • A NZ Registered Physiotherapist says:

    Ron Booster says “I used the Aircycle with a stroke patient to initiate selective muscle function and I used the Aircycle with two musculo skeletal patients to normalize joint function, reduce pain and again to initiate muscle activity.I found the Aircycle helpful as an aid in conjunction with other therapies.” Ron works with a hospital level of care population and is a New Zealand Registered Physiotherapist.

    - Ron Booster, NZ registered physiotherapist

  • Medsafe Listing

    The Aircycle is listed on Medsafe (The N.Z.Database for Medical Devices) to enable hospitals, diabetes clinics and health professionals to use and recommend it.

  • TGA Certified Medical Device

    The Aircycle is TGA Certified: Product Category Medical Device Included Class 1

    The Intended purpose of the Aircycle exerciser is to provide gentle, seated exercise for people of all ages who are unable to have more active or vigorous activity eg: those who are immobile, convalescent patients, those in rest homes or care facilities, those with chronic diseases, joint pain and other arthritic conditions, those sitting in confined spaces such as at an office desk, in the car or plane or a wheelchair for long periods of time.

  • A Professor of Gerontology says:

    “The AIRCYCLE (by its calf pump action) facilitates the reducing of ankle oedema (swelling). Older people are prone to ankle oedema because they tend to have reduced elasticity in the venous and lymphatic system, also reduced cardiac efficiency. People with venous ulcers would also benefit from using the AIRCYCLE, and venous ulcers are often precipitated by ankle swelling. Anyone on diuretics with the problem of fluid retention and anyone sitting with legs down for any length of time, may be helped by using this exerciser. The other interesting side to your “bag”, is that it offers a level of bio-feedback – people can see that their action is having an observable effect. It is inexpensive and for long distance travelling and D.V.T.s, there may well be a role for this device.”

    - Dr Matthew Parsons

  • A Rest Home Manager says:

    “One of our rest home clients purchased an Aircycle and everyone is benefiting from using it”

    - Betty – Rest home manager

  • A Pilates and Bowen Therapist says:

    “An exercise does not have to look spectacular to achieve spectacular results. Sometimes the simplest of equipment is all that is required to move muscles and joints in an action which realigns and rehabilitates.”
    Bruce recalls an incident which brought this to his attention. “A client called and said, “Bruce, I’ve fixed my knee!” Three years earlier she had been left with a stiff knee following surgery and I had tried massage and a range of exercise treatments with limited success.”
    The key to her results, she explained, was a small cushion like exerciser with some air in it, which she used frequently while sitting and doing other things.
    “Basically it works on the same principle as Tai Chi with slow, smooth movements. To my surprise she had regained a full range of movement in her knee. The persistent, gentle exercise kept her body in alignment while she restored that mobility.”

    - Bruce Thomson, Pilates and Bowen specialist

  • An Exercise Kinesiologist says:

    I am an exercise kinesiologist and I’m writing about the Aircycle – a marvelous product which I now recommend to many of my clients.

    I recently had a woman who had been a client for several years, amaze me. She had very large, oversized veins in one leg which I have had to be very careful of and work around, so I know them well.

    Last week she came in for her regular appointment – and she didn’t say a word about the Aircycle. She wanted to see if I would notice anything. Did I ever!! The size of the veins had decreased remarkably in size and thickness. They were now sitting under the skin and although I could still see them, were much less noticeable. Amazing! More amazing – she said she had only been using the Aircycle for a couple of weeks.

    I really love it when someone invents something so simple that actually works without buttons, bells and whistles.

    - Naya Cunningham

  • A Registered Nurse says:

    I am Sally Aydon, a Registered Nurse.

    I’m always interested in anything that improves someone’s health and wellbeing – particularly if they can make it happen themselves.

    Recently I came across the Aircycle, a simple but effective product that people can use to exercise – even if they are restricted to a chair for any reason – or if they are not too mobile.
    The Aircycle can address a number of ailments with its different exercises. It can improve circulation – and that has so many benefits like relieving swollen ankles and sore feet, night cramps and cold feet. It can strengthen muscles, making people more steady on their feet and able to walk further.

    Really, the Aircycle is an impressive product that uses basic principles encouraged by our profession.

    - Sally Aydon, Registered Nurse

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