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Circulation Booster, natural arthritis treatment

Enjoy an Active life
with Aircycle

Aircycle is an easy to use, inflatable exerciser that helps relieve pain from arthritis, boosts your circulation and improves muscle strength. This product is proven to reduce pain and discomfort and help people stay mobile and active.

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Non-weight bearing Exercises Aircycle helps:

  • Reduce Arthritic Pain
  • Support Healthy Circulation
  • Support Muscle Strength
  • Support Balance and Flexibility
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High quality fabric guaranteed to last a lifetime

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Pleasant, soft and durable material
  • Lifetime guarantee on any faulty manufacture or air leakage at any time.
  • Proudly NZ made
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  • "Has reduced the swelling in his left ankle (result of war injury) and he can now sleep without pain at night. Used to have to buy 2 pairs of shoes, one size bigger than the other, to fit both feet. Now one size fits both feet. Has delivered hundreds of leaflets for me on his mobility scooter. He's so completely "Sold" on his Aircycle he wants others to know about it. Continually asks for more leaflets to deliver." Alec Simmonds
  • "I have a disability and travel a lot in my business, I use the Aircycle when sitting in the car for long periods and in the evening after a hard day’s work. It fits easily in my handbag." Genevieve McLaughlin, Upper Hutt
  • "In May I bought an Aircycle for my mother. She has arthritis in both knees and both hips and is waiting surgery for hip replacement. She is therefore limited in her mobility. Mum was very impressed that she could exercise while sitting in her chair watching TV or knitting and actually finds it relaxing and fun. I borrowed Mum's Aircycle to take to the rest home where I work and demonstrated it to the residents and several bought them. I was especially impressed that many who wanted to try it are people who do not join exercise classes. They have given me very positive feedback and most of them use the Aircycle regularly." Marilyn Liddington, Tauranga
  • "By using the Aircycle I can enjoy life. It helps to relieve the pain from my arthritic hip, some days I now have little pain or problems. Thank you" Barbara, Gisborne
  • My age is 80 plus and I have very bad arthritis particularly in my hands due to being employed in the jewellery making industry and other hobbies over the years. The fingers on my hands were very stiff, mis-shapen and slightly swollen most of the time. Bending them was not comfortable at all. I purchased an Aircycle some time ago. The swelling has been reduced and the change in the  pain levels been amazing. I was previously kept awake a lot of the time most nights in constant pain and aching  that now has all gone. The pain in my shoulders has reduced also. In the beginning I used the Aircycle every night for 5 to 10 minutes but now just use it occasionally.   I have yet to find the time to use it for my legs but I will. I truly bless the day I purchased my Aircycle and have purchased two more as gifts for my children. Natalie, Ngatea
  • "I love the Aircycle as it is so easy to store and easy to use. I have no excuse not to exercise. The other one I ordered I sent to my brother in the States - he had an ulcer on his leg and it was not healing. I was talking to him at the weekend and he said his ulcer was improving after using the Aircycle. I use my air cycle as I find it difficult going out for a walk after work in the winter time. So this is the best exercise and so easy to store. Yes, I love it. I am sure my brother still uses his, he works very long hours and getting exercise at home is what he likes. Thank you." Suzanne
  • "Just a few lines to let you know how much I am enjoying my Aircycle. I have had it for 7 weeks and use it regularly each evening while watching the 6 o’clock news and again for 10 or 15 minutes before going to bed. Quite often when sitting down with a cup of tea I will treadle for 10 minutes. I have not had any sign of cramp for the last 7 weeks – the cramp every night was so very painful. Besides no cramp both my ankles are back to normal and not swollen anymore – so now my shoes fit better!" Margaret, Rangiora Canterbury
  • "I'm just trying my one out now as I type this email. I have to say that Exercise 2 - the front to back rocking motion is simply awesome. It so gentle, smooth and I can do spreadsheets, emails etc with doing this exercise in the back ground so to speak, whereas typically, my feet would either be stretched out before me or scrunched up underneath my chair in a fixed position sometimes for 15 minutes or so with no movement. The tactile feel on bareskin around the toes (which I can now also exercise independently at the same time) is brilliant. Gosh, I'm sold and have already emailed a colleague whose ageing Mum could use this. In a word....Brilliant" Roger
  • "After walking 10 kms in the Wellington Round the Bays Event, and having done very little training, I expected aching leg muscles the next day. However, even though I am 73, that was not to be. I put the reason mostly down to the Little Blue Wonder under my desk. While working on the computer I often use the Aircycle to exercise my feet and legs. It is great because it is quiet while in use and simple to deflate and pack away to take traveling. I would never be without it on a long flight as it can be used in so many different ways. As well as exercising my legs and feet, arms and hands, I sometimes put the Aircycle behind my lower back, under my knees or behind my neck. Arriving at the destination feeling great is such a bonus!" Pam, Lower Hutt
  • "Travelling from Australia to see my family in Yorkshire, England, is a long way. The excitement of seeing them all again is clouded by what state my feet and legs will be in after 26 hours flying. My past track record has been painful swelling, making it hard to get my shoes on, and a history of deep vein thrombosis. So imagine my delight when, this year, I skipped off the plane and out of the airport with the bounce of a teenager. I’m in my late 60’s so maybe I’m exaggerating the teenage bit, but hey – I felt good and my feet and legs matched the feeling. What made the difference? A little gadget that I purchased for $35.00 called an Aircycle. It fits easily into a pocket or handbag and, when inflated, sits on the floor beneath your stockinged feet. In the past I have kept my shoes on, which can make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty over a long period of time. With this gadget, I took my shoes off during the flying time and placed my stockinged feet on the Aircycle. It has a nice feeling of cosy comfort, in fact my feet felt quite spoilt. I did the exercises gently from time to time throughout the flight whilst seated – the Aircycle acts as a reminder to do them, only adding a few toe wiggles when I got up and walked to the toilet. I’m so thrilled with the result I want to tell every long distance traveller about the Aircycle. It really worked for me and if you have had a past experience of swollen feet or legs, I’m sure it will be helpful for you too." Thelma Rowley, Brisbane
  • "Recently I bought an Aircycle. I have been using it approximately 2 months or so. I’ve had arthritis in a couple of fingers on each hand, also both wrists and shoulders. Since using your Aircycle I have no more pain in my shoulders (better sleep) and my wrists have improved no end – as have also my fingers. My Granddaughter calls it "Poppa's Pumping thing" because I put it on my knee and pump it. Being involved in a club in Hamilton, I demonstrated my Aircycle to them and I know of 2 people who have ordered one. I know I am more than pleased with mine." Maurice, Hamilton
  • I have  Renauds condition and medication I was given caused my legs to swell to an enormous size.   In a few days of using the Aircycle my swelling had reduced considerably and the burning was less painful. I use it while watching TV and also when using my computer.  I have skinny ankles again.   The swelling I had been experiencing and the burning sensation has not returned since using the Aircycle. I am blown away by the fact that just moving my feet around on little airbags could make such a difference to my life.  Every day is a good one because I can do what I like doing without the pain. Carol Skeats
  • "After many years of foot pain and having to pay specialist a large sum and to be given exercises and many different diagnosis that have caused more pain, I have found just working with the aircycle twice to three times a day, that the large toe on the left foot has now got colour instead of being purple. The pain has got a lot better. Not fully gone but so much better and easier to walk around without the limping and aching. Wow just such a simple little thing and so cheap. I realise now that my feet problem is mainly circulation ( lack of ) Why the specialist couldn’t come up with this same solution beats me. Thank you for your help. Yes I still use the aircycle and am still benefitting from its use. It is great to take on long flights to keep the circulation moving. The older I get the more my feet ache so using the aircycle keeps the muscles in my feet exercised. Thankyou" Heather, Ranfurley Central Otago
  • "The Aircycle is even better than the information says. My knees have gone and I’ve been using a walker but now I don’t need it around the house. I can move more freely and have much less pain in both my hands and feet. My feet are warmer too and now I don’t need bedsocks which I’ve worn for years. A few months later, I went to the mall without my stick last week. I’ve not done that for over a year." Gay Rumbles, Rotorua
  • "We cannot speak too highly of the benefit my wife has received from the Aircycle which she will continue to use while sitting in the car, having a meal, reading a book etc. It is so easy" Jack, Auckland
  • "I am the owner of a new pharmacy (Fencibles Pharmacy) in the Howick region of Auckland which will be opening its doors on Monday the 25th of January 2016. We absolutely love your product and have been selling/recommending it to many of our patients/clients for many years." Mohammad Albati, Pharmacist
  • "I am a New Zealand registered nurse. I work in our District Health Board and also run a business designing and manufacturing clothing for those who need full assistance with dressing. I'm always interested in anything that helps improve someone’s health and wellbeing, particularly if they can make it happen themselves. You will all be aware of the health initiatives that encourage you to get out and walk for 30 minutes a day. The exercise helps strengthen muscles and prevent muscle and bone deterioration. By doing a couple of simple exercises for short spells, even 2 or 3 minutes at a time, a few times a day you can strengthen your muscles, improve blood flow, help relieve the pain of aching joints, reduce swollen ankles and strengthen your hips, lower back and core muscles." Sally Ayden, Registered Nurse
  • "What muscles am I working and how can that help with walking and balance? The pumping action when you use the Aircycle requires ankle flexion and extension. This movement is activated by the muscles of your lower leg; the calf muscles do the extension and one on the front of your lower leg dorsi flexes the ankle i.e. pulls your toes up. You can easily feel this muscle working. If you are sitting, simply reach down and place your fingers close to your shin bone. Pull your toes up and tap the ground a few times and you will feel it contracting and relaxing." Kris Tynan, Active Ageing Exercise Specialist
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$39.90 - BUY NOW
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