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How to Use It

How To Improve Blood Circulation

The Aircycle is designed to be easy and convenient to use. With little effort, you can improve blood circulation, relieve joint pain and boost your strength and mobility for a better quality of life.

This is a summary of How To Use Aircycle. If you have purchased Aircycle, please read How to Use your Aircycle for Maximum Benefit written by Marty Godwin, Registered General Nurse, (BA Hons Health Care Management)

Step 1: Easily inflated

First you need to inflate the Aircycle.

It’s very easy to do. Simply blow into the valve until the Aircycle is half full of air. Then test and adjust as described below.

Step 2: Use in the comfort of your chair

Sit in a comfortable chair and place your feet on the two foot shaped chambers, towards the outside, as far away from the valve as possible. For best results, use the Aircycle with socks or bare feet.

Adjust the air. When one foot presses flat to the floor, that side should be completely empty. The other side must then be full of air and firm. Once correctly adjusted, it will never change. The air will never leak out.

Figure 1.

All you need to do is push down the left side with the left foot and then the right side with the right foot and repeat. The pedal action imitates a pedalling or walking movement. This exercises the muscles and joints from the hips down to the feet, gently encouraging increased blood flow and natural movement.

Figure 2.

Rotate the Aircycle 90 degrees. Now move both feet together back and forth in a treadle action. Press down with the heels and then rock forward onto your toes to transfer the air from one chamber to the other.

This action works the calf muscles and is very effective in promoting circulation, facilitating the reduction of ankle swelling, reducing cramps and relieving aching and heavy legs. It also helps strengthen the leg muscles and improve joint flexibility, especially in the ankles.

Figure 3.

Place the Aircycle on your lap or on a table in front of you and use it to effectively improve the circulation in your hands and shoulders.

It’s the perfect exercise to reduce stiffness and pain in your fingers, wrists and shoulders, warm the hands and increase your joint flexibility for improved agility.

Figure 4.

The exercises for the hands use the same techniques as for the feet and legs, using the pedal and treadle movements to improve your circulation.

It is also helpful after spending long hours at the computer for relaxing your fingers and wrists, avoiding OOS (or RSI), and relieving shoulder and neck tension.

Figure 5.

For intensive finger exercise hold the Aircycle in both hands and squeeze air from one compartment to the other.

To see a demonstration of the Aircycle working click here to watch.

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