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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got a question about the Aircycle and how it can help you, have a look through our frequently asked questions below!

If the answer you’re looking for isn’t there, please fill out our general enquiries form and we will answer your query as soon as possible.

Using Aircycle

How long should I use it each day?

It is most important to use your Aircycle frequently during the day, as often as convenient for you to do so.

People who get the best results are those who keep it beside their chair and use it whenever they sit down, even for short spells but frequently, while sitting doing other things. It is not necessary to work for sustained periods as with other exercisers. “Little and often” can bring fast results. Even 2 or 3 minutes at a time will be beneficial.

I suggest you use your Aircycle at least 3-6 times a day. You might find a way of reminding yourself to work on it at particular times eg. each time the adverts come on T.V., when you sit down for morning or afternoon tea, while reading, talking on the phone or under the table while having a meal.

Let your muscles be your guide as to how long to use it each time. As you build up strength you will be able to sustain longer periods of exercise. If you work too hard at first you may get stiff muscles. Gently at first – little and often.

Can I put too much air in it?

Yes you can. The Aircycle needs to be only half full of air to work properly.

You must be able to press one foot flat to the floor so that that side is completely empty of air. At this time the other side should be full of air and that foot raised. This will give you the greatest movement in your hips and lower back.

Adjust the air until you have the correct amount..You will not have to keep changing it as it will stay like that. It will not leak air!

Can I use it in the car?

Yes. Using it in the car is a great opportunity to keep your muscles and joints moving and your circulation boosted while you sit and cannot do other things.

It can help to prevent cramps and reduce stiffness which often occurs when sitting for long periods. It can also help to relieve the aches and pains of arthritis and varicose veins which can be worse while you are immobile.

And most importantly, because you are able to maintain normal blood flow while you are sitting, your feet and ankles should not swell. Using the Aircycle in the car is a great opportunity to increase the amount of exercise you can fit into a day.


I have been using the Aircycle for several weeks now and have found it excellent. It has freed up my ankles and improved my walking. I used it in the car on a five day visit down south and arrived home without swollen feet. That was a real bonus! I keep the Aircycle next to my chair and use it while reading or knitting. Being so gentle on the feet, it is a real pleasure to use.
– Kathleen Teece May, 2007

This note is to tell you about the success I have had with the Aircycle which I read about in your Grey Power magazine. I bought one from Paula at Age Concern, Kaitaia. I collected it on Friday and on Monday morning I woke up without lower back pain for the first time in 12 or 15 years. I was amazed and delighted and went straight to Age Concern to tell Paula.

I have had difficulty getting going in the mornings. I have had to creep down the passage to the kitchen and get moving slowly. That day I felt I could run around the house. It was a great relief. I have always been very flexible and still go to the gym 3 times a week but just getting moving in the morning has been hard for some time.

Recently I did a 13 day bus tour and took my Aircycle with me. It helped to take away the stiffness from sitting so long in the bus. I would like to recommend the Aircycle to anyone who has muscular problems.
-Terry O’keefe

How can I use it to exercise my hands and fingers too?

Simply place it in your lap and pretend your hands are your feet. Do the same exercises suggested for feet but using your hands.

For more information on how to use Aircycle click here

For Hands, Fingers and Shoulders:

Place the Aircycle in your lap. Repeat the “pedal” and “treadle” actions, working with fingers, wrists and shoulders. Rotate the Aircycle 90 degrees (same as for the feet) for using the “treadle” action with wrists and fingers.Placing the Aircycle on a desk or table top in front of you, and working with arms at that height will give more exercise to the muscles of the upper arm and shoulder joints.

For more intensive finger exercise, hold the Aircycle in both hands and squeeze the air from one side to the other.

These hand exercises can be most helpful for arthritic pain and stiffness in fingers, wrists and shoulders, carpal tunnel discomfort and for repetitive strain injury (RSI), often known as office overuse syndrome (OOS)

Keep an Aircycle in the office for exercising and relaxing shoulders, fingers and wrists after long spells on the computer.

Is it suitable for me?

I can’t walk far. Is it suitable for me?

It is most definitely suitable for you.

If you cannot walk far because of pain and stiffness or weak leg muscles, frequent use of the Aircycle can help relieve your stiffness and build muscle strength. Stronger muscles will improve your balance, make you feel more stable on your feet, help prevent falls and almost certainly enable you to walk further and with greater confidence.


Last winter, I could not walk the length of the esplanade without stopping to rest three times along the way. Now I can walk all the way without stopping. I even walked down the stairs at the Embassy Theatre without holding the handrail!

My thigh muscles are so much stronger and my balance has improved. I can get up from my chair and climb stairs more easily. Although I garden every day and have attended Tai Chi which was beneficial, it did not produce the results I have had from the Aircycle. The circulation in my hands and feet has also improved.
Mrs Souter 92 year old

I have had my Aircycle just 2 weeks and it has changed my life. I am 69 and had a struggle to walk any distance. I’ve had massage, acupuncture, physio – everything you can think of and the doctor was recommending surgery as the only answer. I thought I’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

After 2 weeks using the Aircycle, last week I walked 10 blocks. The inflammation in the top of my foot has gone and the swelling almost gone. After the first 24 hours I felt the difference. Instead of being cold and sore my foot was warm and tingling. I am delighted and my friends are amazed at the difference.

I have big feet and my toes go over the top of the Aircycle

If your feet are larger than the foot shapes of the Aircycle you can still use the same exercises and benefit from them.

For Exercise 1: The “pedal” action –

Place your feet on the foot shapes. It does not matter that your feet protrude slightly front and back. The action is still the same and will be equally effective.

For Exercise 2: – The “treadle” action with the toe shapes pointing to the side –

Place your heels as far back as possible on the the Aircycle – right at the outside edge. Rock backwards onto your heels then forward onto your toes. If your feet are large enough for your toes to reach beyond the Aircycle, it does not matter. The action is still the same “treadle” action and will give you optimum results. It may mean you are not completely transferring the air from one compartment to the other but the action will still be effective.

Will it help…

Will it help my swollen ankles?

Yes. Using the “treadle” action (with the Aircycle turned sideways) provides an effective calf pump. Working the calf muscles strongly which this exercise does, encourages circulation and facilitates the reducing of accumulated fluid and therefore ankle swelling.

Unfortunately as we age, we lose some of the elasticity in our venous and lymphatic systems and our circulation becomes more sluggish. The calf pump exercise of the Aircycle can give your circulation a boost, helping to increase the flow of blood and lymph which will reduce odema, swollen ankles.


“The AIRCYCLE (by its calf pump action) facilitates the reducing of ankle oedema (swelling). Older people are prone to ankle oedema because they tend to have reduced elasticity in the venous and lymphatic system, also reduced cardiac efficiency.  People with venous ulcers would also benefit from using the AIRCYCLE, and venous ulcers are often precipitated by ankle swelling. Anyone on diuretics with the problem of fluid retention and anyone sitting with legs down for any length of time, may be helped by using this exerciser.  The other interesting side to your “bag”, is that it offers a level of bio-feedback – people can see that their action is having an observable effect.  It is inexpensive and for long distance traveling and D.V.T.s, there may well be a role for this device.”
– Matthew Parsons – Professor of Gerontology Auckland University.

Thank you – after only a couple of days use, my aunt’s swollen ankles disappeared before her eyes – she says it’s a miracle. Expect more orders from our friends
– Rahua

I have health problems which mean I am especially at risk of developing D.V.T. when flying. Can it prevent blood clots forming?

Boeing recommends that passengers do light exercises that may assist in increasing blood circulation and massaging the muscles.

The Aircycle exercises do both of these. They encourage blood circulation and as well they work and massage the muscles in feet and legs – and hands and shoulders too when used in the lap.

If the “treadle” action which boosts circulation, is used frequently and according to instructions, the risk of a clot forming is greatly reduced. Maintaining normal blood flow while sitting is crucial..

Keep your feet on the Aircycle during the flight and use it as much as is comfortable. It will also help reduce swollen ankles, cramps, aches and pains and altogether make your flight more comfortable.

A bonus is that your feet will fit easily back into your shoes when you disembark!

As it is thought that DVT more frequently occurs during sleep, when you settle down to rest check that you are not pressed hard against something which could restrict your circulation.

Sometimes the edge of the seat can do this, especially if you have short legs. An Aircycle tucked under your knees or thighs, just where the seat sometimes cuts in, will prevent this and is added comfort while sleeping.


I travel home to South Africa every year to see family and friends and have always suffered with DVT for a period of time after arriving which made the first week home a rest week due to swelling and the uncomfortable pain in my legs. The same would happen when I returned home here to New Zealand.
I purchased an Aircycle after seeing Toni demonstrate it and now I use it on the plane during my flight and what a difference it makes at the other end. No swelling or pain in my legs at all. I would recommend it to anyone. As a matter of fact a few of my friends have purchased them as well.
– Rita, Hamilton, NZ

Just wanted to give you some feedback on your product, it is great. I used it on longhaul flights and so did my Mum and it helped both of us immensely.
– Susan, Wellington

Traveling from Australia to see my family in Yorkshire, England, is a long way. The excitement of seeing them all again is clouded by what state my feet and legs will be in after 26 hours flying. My past track record has been painful swelling, making it hard to get my shoes on, and a history of deep vein thrombosis.So imagine my delight when, this year, I skipped off the plane and out of the airport with the bounce of a teenager.I’m in my late 60’s so maybe I’m exaggerating the teenage bit, but hey – I felt good and my feet and legs matched the feeling.

What made the difference? A little gadget that I purchased for $39.90 called an Aircycle. It fits easily into a pocket or handbag and, when inflated, sits on the floor beneath your stockinged feet. In the past I have kept my shoes on, which can make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty over a long period of time. With this gadget, I took my shoes off during the flying time and placed my stockinged feet on the Aircycle. It has a nice feeling of cosy comfort, in fact my feet felt quite spoilt.

I did the exercises gently from time to time throughout the flight whilst seated – the Aircycle acts as a reminder to do them, only adding a few toe wiggles when I got up and walked to the toilet.

I’m so thrilled with the result I want to tell every long distance traveler about the Aircycle. It really worked for me and if you have had a past experience of swollen feet or legs, I’m sure it will be helpful for you too.
– Tess 2014

Can it heal my ulcer?

Ulcers often do not heal because of poor circulation. Blood needs to reach the affected area to bring its healing. So, improve your circulation and your chance of an ulcer healing quickly and completely is increased. Use your Aircycle with the “treadle” action, Exercise 2, as this is the best one for promoting circulation and therefore for hastening the healing of an ulcer or other abrasion.


Thank you for a superb product, I have had it for two weeks now and it is working wonders already. I am in my mid sixties and have been a type 2 diabetic for eight years now, and had been suffering poor circulation in both legs which caused an ingrown toenail to go septic and cause a diabetic ulcer, but since using the aircycle the results are amazing. The swelling in my legs and feet have decreased dramatically, my ulcerated toe has started to heal and all the pain from my toe has gone. The toes on my other foot have stopped tingling and getting sore on the tips and they are back to a healthy pink colour. I am now able to walk much further without pain.
– Richard Leighton, Tamworth, UK

Can it help my diabetes?

The Aircycle cannot change or cure your diabetes but with diabetes, foot problems are common and in advanced cases toes, feet and even legs sometimes have to be amputated. The tiny blood vessels narrow, nerve endings may shrivel and die, numbness, tingling and loss of feeling results and often cuts, abrasions and ulcers occur which do not heal readily. For this reason it is very important to do everything possible to maintain good circulation in the legs, feet and toes to try to avoid these problems.

Use your Aircycle with the “treadle” action 3 to 6 times a day to keep a continual flow of blood to the small blood vessels in the feet and toes. Endeavour to keep your circulation boosted at all times.


Also I had an excited call from a Lower Hutt woman one evening to tell me how, because her toes had gone dark blue, her doctor thought she would lose them. You can imagine her delight when she found, after some days of using the AIRCYCLE, that her toes had returned to their normal colour!

I am finding the aircycle great for my diabetes legs & feet. I feel much better, I can now walk much longer distances than before.
– Regards Neville Forrest

Will it help cold feet?

Cold feet are usually due to poor circulation so improve your circulation with the “treadle” exercise and feel the difference!

The Aircycle is very helpful in warming up my legs. Ian is finding he is more stable on his nerve damaged leg so we are both very grateful to you. Thank you for the Aircycle.
– Trudie and Ian

Will it stop my ankles swelling on long haul flights?

That will depend on how frequently you use the “treadle” action, Exercise 2, which works the calf muscles, to help maintain good blood flow to feet and legs during the flight. Keep the Aircycle at your feet and work often on it throughout the flight. You may well be amazed at how effective it is. It can also help relieve cramps, stiffness and arthritic aches and pains which are often worsened by long periods of sitting.


Just wanted to give you some feedback on your product, it is great. I used it on longhaul flights and so did my Mum and it helped both of us immensely.
– Susan

I feel unstable on my feet. Can an Aircycle change that?

Using an Aircycle frequently works your muscles to strengthen them and help support your joints. It will also increase your joint flexibility, another factor which helps improve balance, avoid falls, give you more confidence and can help you to walk with more stability.


My mother had been unsteady on her legs when getting up from her chair. Once she started using the Aircycle she found that she didn’t ‘wobble’ anymore and she can now walk further without any trouble. Isn’t that great?!
– Anne, Hastings, NZ

Can it help with shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can be debilitating especially as you become older. Pain medication only masks the problem rather than actually providing a remedy. The Aircycle is ideal for upper as well as lower body exercises and can help relieve shoulder pain.


Recently I bought an Aircycle. I have been using it approximately 2 months or so. I’ve had arthritis in a couple of fingers on each hand, also both wrists and shoulders.
Since using your Aircycle I have no more pain in my shoulders (better sleep) and my wrists have improved no end – as have also my fingers.

My Granddaughter calls it “Poppa’s Pumping thing” because I put it on my knee and pump it.

Being involved in a club in Hamilton, I demonstrated my Aircycle to them and I know of 2 people who have ordered one. I know I am more than pleased with mine.
– Yours faithfully, Maurice Brown June 2012

Maintaining Aircycle

Is it washable?

Yes. It is easy to keep it clean and hygienic The fabric is designed for this.

The Aircycle is very easily washed in warm, soapy water and disinfected also if desired, by adding a small quantity of disinfectant to the water.

This makes it particularly suitable for hospital and rest home use where there may be multiple users.

Another option is to use a disinfectant spray to wipe it over.

Is it guaranteed?

The Aircycle Lifetime Guarantee

Our Aircycle lifetime guarantee covers any manufacturer’s faults or air leakage (with normal/prescribed usage) and demonstrates our commitment to producing a quality product that helps you to enjoy less pain and more life.

The guarantee refers to units, used according to instructions, up to 20 years from the date of purchase. What we do not cover is punctures, animal bites, clawing or other abnormal use.

Claims must be submitted to us in writing and include supporting evidence.

Partnering with Aircycle

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do. The minimum order is ten units. Contact us for pricing details.

Can I promote and sell Aircycle on my website?

Yes! Please Contact Us for further information and ask about our Affiliate Program.

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