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About Us at Aircycle

One benefit just leads to another


Hi, I’m Jenny Watson. My cousin is the proud creator of the Aircycle – a product which continues to improve the quality of life for people all around New Zealand and now, the world.

The Aircycle’s story began when my cousin started looking for a way to help her husband manage his severe arthritis. One day, she came up with the idea of an inflatable exerciser that could be used sitting down without any weight-bearing activity. She called it the Aircycle.

She soon discovered that the Aircycle was easing her husband’s arthritic pain – and much, much more; it improved his circulation, joint flexibility, strengthened his leg muscles and benefited his overall wellbeing and confidence. His ankle swelling, caused by fluid retention, also reduced.

Recommended and used by arthritis educators, hospitals, podiatrists, physiotherapists and diabetes clinics

The Aircycle has been proven over and over to provide a range of benefits and pain relief to many people suffering from a variety of health problems.

With the Aircycle, you have a professionally endorsed medical device that with regular use, in a matter of weeks, can result in improved mobility and wellbeing – the gentle, and natural way. It is listed as a medical device by Medsafe in NZ and the TGA in Australia.

Dedicated to supporting exercise for older people – and younger people

As we get older exercise becomes increasingly difficult, especially if we are plagued by health issues.

Maintaining a consistent level of gentle exercise helps to keep your joints flexible, your muscles toned and to reduce ankle swelling, enabling you to move with ease and helping to preserve your confidence and independence.

The Aircycle provides you with an effective and gentle way of exercising. Designed especially for people with limited mobility, it acts as the perfect tool for facilitating older adult exercise – especially when traditional forms of exercise become too difficult or too painful.

It’s not just for the older adult though, the Aircycle can help both young and old achieve a better quality of life. It can encourage everyone to be proactive in their healthcare and get the most out of every day.

‘Walking once again is much more enjoyable instead of a painful outing!’ – Maureen B, Marlborough

Lifetime guarantee!

Made out of a strong and durable material with a soft, therapeutic feel, the Aircycle is 100% guaranteed against faulty manufacture. Rest assured that you’ll get value for money in more ways than one.


Start changing the way you feel and live!

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