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Who is More Susceptible to Blood Clots (DVT) on Flights?

  • Those with heart and circulation problemsCrowde Plane
  • People who’ve had surgery recently
  • People who are overweight
  • Smokers
  • Office workers
  • Pregnant women
  • Those on the contraceptive pill
  • Older people – 60+

Boeing recommends that passengers do light exercises that may assist in increasing blood circulation and massaging the muscles. The Aircycle exercises do both of these things. They encourage blood circulation and as well they work and massage the muscles in feet and legs and hands and shoulders too .

As it is thought that DVT more frequently occurs during sleep, when you settle down to rest check that you are not pressed hard against something which could restrict your circulation.

Sometimes the edge of the seat can do this, especially if you have short legs. An Aircycle tucked under your knees or thighs, just where the seat sometimes cuts in, will prevent this and is added comfort while sleeping.

Using an Aircycle throughout the flight, can help avoid the chance of DVT, swollen ankles, cramps, aches and pains and helps make your flights more comfortable.

The AirCycle is:Air Cycle Movements

  • Small
  • Easy to use
  • Effective in boosting circulation
  • Easily carried in your pocket or purse
  • A reminder to exercise throughout the flight
  • Able to be used as a head or neck rest too
  • Used to exercise hands, shoulders and arms as well as feetHow Air Cycle Works
  • Registered with Medsafe.
  • A quality product, with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Recommended and used by some hospitals, diabetes clinics, podiatrists and physiotherapists

The Air Cycle can also be used on holiday for long bus or car trips or at home for many therapeutic purposes – arthritis, diabetic foot problems, Parkinson’s, swollen ankles, M.S. varicose veins, cramps, restless legs, lower back and sciatic nerve pain, strengthening leg muscles to improve balance and walking.

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