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“Treadle” for your Heart’s Sake

Do you use your legs to assist your heart?   No. Not just by walking.

Whilst walking is great for a healthy heart, there is another way to exercise which anyone can do, sitting comfortably in front of TV.

Treadle action - SallyYou can boost circulation and help get blood back to your heart – without strenuous exercise. Your legs can help pump the blood. They are sometimes referred to as “our other heart”.

Working the calf muscles with a “treadle” action, just like using an old sewing machine, is the key. The Aircycle “treadle” exercise assists the calf pump mechanism.

“Anyone on diuretics with the problem of fluid retention and anyone sitting with legs down for any length of time may be helped by using this exerciser”   (Dr   Matthew Parsons.)

Using the Aircycle exercise several times a day, for even 2 or 3 minutes at a time, while on the phone or having coffee, will quickly improve your circulation and you will feel the results.

“My swollen ankles have reduced and I can now sleep without pain” wrote Alex Simmonds. “And my night cramps have gone!”

Uncared for diabetes is one of the greatest causes of heart disease.

“Since using the Aircycle, my diabetic ulcer has healed and all the pain gone,” emailed Richard Leighton.   “My toes have stopped tingling and getting sore and are back to a healthy pink colour.”

Aircycle exercises also strengthen leg muscles to help support joints and relieve arthritic pain.   Keeping your legs moving is not just good for a healthy heart. It will help you remain mobile and independent for longer.

Aircycles are available in most New Zealand pharmacies. More information and orders : www.aircycle.co.nz.nz , call +64 4 569 5013 or post $39.90 NZ to : Aircycle, PO Box 45 105, Waterloo, Lower Hutt

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