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Take the Pain Out of Christmas this Year!

Arthritis MainStruggling to find the perfect Christmas gift?

If you, or someone you know, suffers from arthritis or joint pain, night cramps or swollen feet and hands, a gift of an Aircycle could be just the Christmas present you are looking for. It’s light, folds up small enough to post in an envelope and is extremely simple and relaxing to use.

Air Cycle ExerciseThis New Zealand invention, which has helped thousands of New Zealanders for years, is now sold in Australia too.  “I used the Aircycle recently during a 26 hour flight, having previously had problems with swollen feet and ankles,” said Tess Rowley, the Australian distributor.  “This time, thanks to Aircycle, I skipped off the plane feeling great.”

Air Cycle Foot ExerciseEffective pain reliever and circulation booster

The Aircycle is a great circulation booster, helps relieve joint and muscle pain and strengthens leg muscles to help support and protect joints and improve balance and mobility.

It provides an easy way for people to keep moving while sitting.   “Move, move, move” is always the advice for painful arthritis.

If kept beside a comfortable chair and used several times a day, the Aircycle exercise gives quick results.  You will soon feel the benefits.  The Aircycle is simple to use while watching TV, chatting on the phone or sitting at an office desk.

For those having knee and hip replacements, the gentle exercise strengthens the muscles surrounding those joints to help support them and relieve the pain, both before and after surgery. And for convalescent and stroke patients the Aircycle is an effective rehabilitation tool.

“I’ve had my Aircycle seven weeks and not been up in the night once with my old cramp problem,” reported a 93 year old. “And my leg muscles are so much stronger. I can get up from my chair more easily and climb stairs again.”

The exercises not only work foot, knee and hip joints but also move the lower back and core muscles to strengthen them and relieve back and sciatic pain.

The Aircycle has a lifetime guarantee, is washable and  folds up to pop in your pocket, or Christmas stocking!

AirCycle in the BagThis could be the best Christmas  present you buy this year. It may not just take the pain out of Christmas but give someone you love, lasting health benefits and years of pain relief.

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