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Travel in Comfort and Savety

More Travel Tips – Comfortable Flying

To ensure your flight is a pleasant experience it is worthwhile to heed certain health tips. They are designed to improve blood circulation, avoid ankle swelling, relieve cramped muscles and help you to arrive with a spring in your step. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Make sure your shoes allow for expanding of feet and […]

Move More to Feel Better – It’s So Easy!

Movement helps relieve pain Move, move, move is the advice so often given to those suffering with arthritis. And diabetes organizations have long advised us to keep moving. Exercise for at least thirty minutes a day, we are often told. Although aerobic activity such as walking, cycling or swimming is a key part of any […]

Who is More Susceptible to Blood Clots (DVT) on Flights?

Those with heart and circulation problems People who’ve had surgery recently People who are overweight Smokers Office workers Pregnant women Those on the contraceptive pill Older people – 60+ Boeing recommends that passengers do light exercises that may assist in increasing blood circulation and massaging the muscles. The Aircycle exercises do both of these things. […]

How Stable are You on Your Feet?

If you have a balance problem that is not tied to illness, medication or some other specific cause, simple exercises can help preserve, and perhaps improve, your balance. Avoid the Perils of Freefall “You put in three or four days a week of cardiovascular work, squeeze in two sessions of strength training, even find time […]

Build Strong Bones

“ Look at the animals with the largest bones — cows, elephants. What do they eat? Leafy plants.” The biggest component of a bone-healthy diet is leafy greens, both cooked and raw, according to Colbin. “Greens give you not only calcium, but vitamin K, potassium, and other minerals and nutrients you need to lay down […]

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