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Sitting, Degenerative Disc Disease and Back Pain

Office PicWe all know that people who sit long periods are at risk of early death – from blood clots and from a range of other health problems. But when we sit all day in our office chair are we aware of the risks of degenerative disc disease and back pain?

No movement starves your disks. The inter vertebral discs rely on fluid inflow and outflow for their nutrition. When you lie down the pressure comes off the discs and they expand, absorbing water and moisture as they do. When you stand up, the discs are compressed and their watery component is squeezed out, thus removing waste products at the same time. Similar squeeze/expand cycles are occurring every time we move, both day and night.

You must move in order to “feed” your discs and keep them healthy. It is well proven that your degenerative disc “disease” progresses faster over time if your discs can’t alternate compression with expansion. This process is essential to provide the movement of spinal fluid which is so important for nourishing the discs.

In order to minimize the consequences of office chair sitting in terms of degenerative disk disease and sciatic nerve pain you need to move while you sit.

Aircycle WorkingIf you move while you sit you will:

  • “Feed your discs” and keep them healthy.
  • Minimize the risk of lower back pain
  • Avoid ongoing pinched sciatic nerve pain

Office Pic 2How do you move while you sit? With the small, soft, Aircycle exerciser it is so easy! Keep it under your desk and use it while you work. At intervals, put it on top of the desk and use it for exercising your hands and shoulders too.

Deflate it, pop it in your pocket and take it home to use in the evenings or weekends or take it on long haul flights to help avoid ankle swelling and DVT.

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