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Diabetes Complications are Serious. Have You Been Tested?


Many people world wide have symptoms of this condition and don’t know it.

About half the number of people with diabetes do not know they have it, hence the importance of getting tested.  Have you been tested recently?  You may be one of those yet undiagnosed.

World Diabetes Day – a global observance

World Diabetes Day was instituted by the United Nations in 2006 due to  the alarming rise of the disease around the world. It is observed on November 14 each year.

Diabetes complications

The complications of diabetes are serious and can eventually cause death!

The aim is to raise awareness of diabetes and its complications and in addition, the care that people with this disease need. There is a wide range of short and long-term complications of diabetes. They include foot and eye problems and vascular diseases.

Forty New Zealanders a day are diagnosed.  About 95% of those have Type 2 which can be delayed and often reversed, by nutrition and exercise.

High blood glucose levels can damage the blood vessels and nerves in the feet, therefore causing poor blood flow and loss of feeling (neuropathy).

Avoid foot complications    

Each week in New Zealand, there are 9 lower body amputations due to diabetes.

Exercise for circulation

This is the “treadle” exercise which works the calf muscles and boosts circulation

“Maintaining good blood flow in the feet is key to preventative foot care”, says Lynne Taylor, manager of Diabetes Christchurch.

“It’s in our feet that arthritis, complications of diabetes including, nerve, neuropathy and circulatory disorders often show up,” says Lynne.  “ It’s important to heed the first signs.  Loss of feeling can mean abrasions, ulcers and other foot problems go undetected and consequently, may not heal, finally leading to amputation.”

“ A treadle action, like using the old sewing machines, works the calf muscles.  Especially relevant is that it is these muscles which pump the blood and boost circulation.”

The Aircycle, is especially helpful because it provides that treadle exercise. Also it’s so easy and comfortable to use while watching TV, sitting in the car or plane or working in the office.

“People frequently report numb, tingling feet regain feeling, normal colour and flexibililty. Swollen ankles and cramps are relieved and ulcers heal.”

It’s so easy to protect and care for your feet with an Aircycle. They are available in New Zealand pharmacies and on online here.

More diabetes  information :  Click  here  or call 0800 14 14 15   (+64 4 2933224) 

Read how Richard Leighton from UK improved his foot problems.  



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