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Self Management – We Can Help Ourselves!

Climbing the Sand DuneWell over half a million (approx 520, 000) New Zealanders suffer from Arthritis and around 270,000 people have been diagnosed with diabetes (and there are many more who do not realize they have it).

Teaching self management to these people is of high priority for both diabetes and arthritis educators. It is widely recognized that there are some things which people must do for themselves – which no educator or doctor can do for them. We must make the effort to help ourselves.

People can improve their health and wellbeing by making even small lifestyle changes to their everyday living patterns. Arthritis sufferers know how important it is to keep moving. Keeping the joints moving helps to avoid stiffness and relieve pain. Keeping the muscles working helps to strengthen them and strengthening the muscles around joints helps to support and protect the joints. This is especially important to protect hip and knee joints.

Those with diabetes know how important it is to have a good diet with the right balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate at each meal to keep blood sugar at the right level. They also know how important it is to care for their feet to help avoid the foot complications which often occur with diabetes. Exercise to keep good circulation to the toes helps avoid loss of feeling in the feet and ulcers developing.

Both arthritis and diabetes sufferers require regular exercise. Find an easy and enjoyable way to do some each day. There are many different activities to choose from which will provide all you need – about 30 minutes daily is what is recommended. But make sure you choose something you really enjoy doing. If you do not enjoy it, chances are you won’t keep it up.

Lady Demonstrating Using AIAnd what’s stopping you from relaxing in front of TV in the evenings with the soft Aircycle exerciser at your feet to get that extra, very gentle exercise and great boost to your circulation before bed. It’s so easy and so good for both arthritis and diabetes sufferers. And working the calf muscle before bed is highly likely to stop those night cramps too!

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