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Our Amazing Bodies and the Problems of Ageing

How amazingly our bodies work. We take for granted that blood circulates continually around inside us. We don’t think about it. We never stop to consider why this happens or the benefits of it – that every cell in our body is constantly receiving fresh blood supplies as required to do its work. However, if there is a problem we soon know about it.

Unfortunately, the inevitable process of ageing, often brings a variety of health problems with it. One which affects us all is that in time, our venous and lumphatic systems start to lose their elasticity. With that comes a more sluggish pumping of the blood and lumph, often resulting in the accumulation of fluid. This becomes evident in ankle and foot swelling which can be most uncomfortable and may even affect our mobility. It is also the reason why the doctor prescribes diuretics for so many older people

But worse still, poor blood circulation can cause a range of other problems. Hands and feet can be extremely cold. Wounds and abrasions may not heal, toes may lose their healthy colour and become tingly or numb. Without good blood supply the nerve endings may die, as often happens with the complications of diabetes. Sometimes toes, and even feet and legs, require amputation.

If our bodies no longer pump the blood as efficiently as they did when we were younger, then we must try to help them to do so in order to avoid problems. The advice from gerontologists and from most health professionals is the word we probably don’t want to hear – exercise. We get tired of being told this but it is amazing how the body is able to heal itself when the blood supply is restored.

I had a call from a diabetic man in the UK recently who found an ulcer on a toe healed in less than two weeks of gentle Aircycle exercise – after eight months of trying everything else.

Listen to the recording of how a Tauranga woman felt after her swollen ankles went down overnight.

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