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Back Pain in the Office? Do Something About It!

Back pain

Avoid lower back pain and hand and shoulder tension while sitting long periods in the office.

One of the main causes of lower back pain when working in an office is holding the same position for a lengthy period. It is known as static loading. Over time, this causes strain on the same parts of the body and can lead to fatigue in the tissues, often resulting in an injury.

The following tips may help

  • Mix up standing and sitting and some exercise. Even fidgeting causes movement and can help relieve strain and therefore back pain. Many parts of our bodies are affected by each movement.
  • Moving your back helps to avoid back pain and keep the spinal fluid circulating – so important for avoiding early spinal degeneration which is common in sedentary workers.
  • Do some exercises in your chair eg. chair push ups by putting your hands on the arms of the chair and pushing yourself up off the seat, lifting your legs up off the ground and holding them there for a few seconds or turn your head and shoulders sideways and look back over your shoulder in each direction.
  • Sit on a Swiss Ball instead of a chair to encourage yourself to move easily while you sit.   In the long term this could protect you from developing back pain.

Air Cycle MovementsHow to use the Aircycle to help you move while you sit.

Use a soft, inflatable Aircycle exerciser for both lower and upper body.

  1. With your feet – under the desk to help keep blood circulating freely in your feet and legs, relieve swollen ankles, restless legs and cramps. The foot actions also move your lower back and core muscles to help relieve back aches and arthritic aches and pains.

Office Pic 2        2. Push your keyboard back at intervals and place the Aircycle on top of the desk to exercise and relax your shoulders, wrists and  fingers. It is an easy way to exercise and help you relieve tension in many parts of your body.

So move while you sit, however you do it, and don’t forget to laugh occasionally. That massages your internal organs and helps you relax!

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