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Men’s Health Concern. Keep Dad on his Toes this Father’s Day!

World wide concern for men’s health 

Every three hours one New Zealand man dies from a preventable illness.  Yet most “blokes”, both New Zealand and banner-old-couple-happy-smallAussie, wait until something goes wrong before seeking help.  Health is not top of their “to do” list.

According to health practitioners around the world, men are not as diligent at taking care of themselves as women.  Men are less likely to read about or take an interest in health issues and this becomes more of a concern as they age.  It has got to change.

Men, you know how to look after your assets to prevent expensive maintenance down the track.  You fuel your cars, oil them, change their tyres when they are worn and take the car to be serviced regularly.

So hey! what about your health?

What about some preventative maintenance for your body, as you would give your car?    Checking in early with your doctor or health professional about something you have noticed or are concerned about, not only gives you peace of mind. It may also help to reduce your odds for bigger health issues down the line.

Small lifestyle changes can prevent or delay the onset of many health problems.  When diabetes, arthritis or stiff, aching joints are a problem, and more time is spent sitting, it’s important to find an easy and enjoyable way to remain active.  Always choose something you enjoy doing because that way you will keep it up.

Whether you participate in sports or not, there are other ways to keep your body moving.  Activities like swimming, walking, cycling, Tai Chi, yoga and gardening all help to keep your joints flexible and muscles strong.

In additReduced image of Gavin using the Aircycleion to these weight bearing activities, low impact, non weight bearing exercises like those of the Aircycle circulation booster, can keep you moving while you sit watching TV, reading, having coffee, or talking on the phone.

J and G12If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift to keep Dad on his toes, an Aircycle will  help keep his blood pumping, joints flexible,  muscles strong and help relieve pain.  He may well enjoy using it, even love his Aircycle, as many people do,  and in a few weeks time, thank you for the health improvements he’s experiencing.

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