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The Secret to a Longer, Healthier Old Age

What is old age?

Gavin Jumping“What we think of as old age has changed over time, claims Sergei Scherhov”, world population study director at the Austrian International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. ” And it will need to continue changing in the future as people live longer, healthier lives.”

”The thresh hold for old age has moved. Someone who is 60 today is middle aged,” argues Dr Scherbov.  “200 years ago, a 60 year old would be a very old person.”

The study says that with people living longer, healthier lives, age will be a reflection of the kind of life we lead, not a number we reach.

The secret to a longer, healthier life. 

To live that longer, healthier life,  “get involved”  the research says.

*   Choose regular exercise that you enjoy. Make it a joy not a chore. Don’t be afraid to mix up the exercise that you do, or even to try something new.  As long as it feels good to your body it will  be doing you good.

*   Being sedentary is the most ageing thing you can do. Movement inspires confidence, great posture and a love of life.  Even while watching TV, sitting in the office or travelling by car or plane, researchers advise you to keep moving.  An Aircycle circulation booster enables you to do this. It ensures good blood flow, keeps your joints moving and flexible while you sit working or relaxing.  And it helps to build strong muscles to improve your balance and mobility.

*   Keep an eye on your diet so your waistline stays under control. Healthy food is like medicine to your body.  Don’t be so vigilant though, that food becomes a chore rather than a pleasure.  Feel able to indulge occasionally and really enjoy it.

*   A lack of sleep plays havoc with your skin, your memory, your immune system and your mood. Sleep is great for your health.  Seek help if you have regular sleep disturbances. It’s the best thing you can do for your health.  Learn also to quiet your mind . Meditation comes in many different forms but we all benefit from giving our busy brains a moment to rest.

*   And don’t forget to laugh often and as heartily as you can.  It’s relaxing.  A great outlook on life and a positive attitude is infectious.  Strive to live with a twinkle in your eye and a keen sense of fun.

The reward

If you live by this advice, chances are very high, that your age in years will be of little consequence.  It will not simply be a number you’ve reached.  Your age will be a reflection of the life which you lead.

So laugh a lot, sleep well, eat sensibly and don’t be sedentary. That’s not only ageing but can affect your mood, sometimes causing depression.  It can also cause a range of other health problems


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