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Joints Need Care to Keep You Healthy and Mobile

JHoint care

Find exercise you enjoy to care for your joints..

Joints are vital for keeping us mobile.  We give them little thought when they are working as nature intended. However, they are hard to ignore when something is wrong.

One of the frustrations of age is that our joints need more care.  Do the work to maintain and support them to get the best out of them for as long as possible. Refuse to accept pain and stiffness as part of life.

We have long known the importance of exercise in the treatment of arthritis. Now research and clinical trials from  Johns Hopkins University confirms that exercise and physical activity have many benefits.

 How to care for your joints

  • Regular exercise can help keep the muscles around the joints strong, decrease bone loss and control swelling and pain.
  • Strengthening the  surrounding muscles helps to relieve pressure on the joints and cartilage.
  • Regular exercise helps replenish lubrication of the cartilage and reduces stiffness and pain.
  • Lack of physical activity is associated with increased muscle weakness, stiffness, reduced range of motion and fatigue
  • Exercise needs to be directed at the entire body and not just the joints that are affected with arthritis.
Exercise helps care for your joints

Exercise helps care for your joints

The golden rule for joint health – Keep moving !

The more you move the less pain and stiffness you will have. While watching TV, reading, sitting at a desk or travelling, move as frequently as you can. Even fidgeting can help. The Aircycle circulation booster allows you to do this comfortably and easily. It helps keep your joints flexible, your muscles strong to support your them and improve your balance and mobility.  It also ensures good blood flow to help nourish your joints.

This is Arthrtis awareness and appeal week in New Zealand.  For each Aircycle order marked “Arthritis”,  Aircycle will donate $5 to Arthritis New Zealand’s annual appeal.

Order an Aircycle online www.aircycle.co.nz.nz , call 0800 14 14 15 or post $44.90 (p&p included) to Aircycle, PO Box 45105, Waterloo, Lower Hutt. 5042.   Aircycles are also available in pharmacies throughout New Zealand.


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