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Arthritic Joint Pain? Two Tips for reducing pain and discomfort

Massage the joints.  

According to the arthritis foundation of USA, you can reduce joint pain and stiffness through massage.  Two people have recently had great success with this treatment and offer the following tips.  Here are their stories.

Massage with Olive oil

Tip one: Reduce inflammation with olive oil

The first success story was David who massaged his knees daily with extra virgin olive oil and discovered that it reduced his pain to a huge extent.  The reason?  Olive oil contains oleocanthal, a compound which helps avert inflammation and reduced inflammation is known to reduce pain. This, David feels, is the answer to why the massage reduced his pain. But did the actual massaging also help?

Tip two: Reduce inflammation with baking soda

I too, recently discovered pain relief from massage. The advice I’d been given came from a surgeon. He recommended mixing 1 teaspoon of body moisturiser (any kind) with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and massaging this mixture into the painful joint.   I did this twice a day for about ten days and I felt the pain in my hip lessening day by day.  After ten days, I found that my hip which had been painful to walk on – in fact, hurt with every step I took – no longer hurt when I walked. However, it was still sometimes sore to lie on in bed.

As I was now comfortable walking during the day, I started using the massage treatment only once a day, just enough, I thought, to ensure the pain did not return. After another week I realised my hip was more comfortable to lie on in bed,  although not completely pain free.  Another couple of weeks down the track and I could lie on that hip in bed completely comfortably, something which I’d not been able to do for some time.

Result:  Total pain relief

I can now say I have lost all sign of pain in that hip, day and night.  At present I’m still massaging the mixture into it once a day, most days.  I’m afraid to stop the treatment altogether for fear the pain returns and I need a hip replacement. Having already had a replacement of the other hip I’m desperately trying to avoid that.  But I’m most relieved to have a completely pain free hip for now. What happens when I stop the massage treatment, remains to be seen but before long I shall try it.

The trouble I have to go to each day with the massaging is well worth the time and effort it takes.  I wonder if the baking soda works because it is alkaline and therefore neutralizes the acid build up in the joint which causes inflammation?

Massaging the knee

A question:  Did the massaging itself help relieve the  joint pain?

Did the actual massage treatment, apart from the substances applied, also play a part in achieving these results?  My guess is that it probably did.  Maybe the massaging worked in the same way as exercise does by helping to lubricate the joint. Exercise warms and melts the synovial fluid in the joint to increase the lubrication. Better lubrication eases the friction caused by the bones rubbing against each other in the joint.

Research shows that gentle exercise relieves pain. Hard as it may be to start moving while the pain is strong, the pain eases with the exercise, proving that the movement causes a change in the joint. So find easy ways to keep moving, knowing that long term, it is the best way to control pain and stay mobile and independent.

Mrs Spiers experienced that with her gentle, seated, Aircycle exercise.  She reported, “I have arthritis and knee problems and when I have been using the Aircycle I feel as though I have had a good lube.  It’s like a full grease and oil change. My joints are more flexible and I can garden more easily.”  She was ordering her 3rd Aircycle.  She had written “I am delighted with the 2 previous orders for your Aircycle and request another.”


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