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Joint Pain Relief – Advice from Harvard Medical School

Managing joint pain

Joint pain makes everyday tasks harder

Joint pain makes everyday tasks harder

It throbs,  aches and hurts!  Joint pain may hinder everyday tasks and pleasures like going for a walk, gardening, lifting grocery bags or playing your favourite sport.  Every painful movement may remind you of your limitations, says the report from Harvard Medical School.

  • Ignoring the pain won’t make it go away. Nor will avoiding all motions that spark discomfort. In fact, limiting your movements can weaken muscles, compounding joint pain.  While pain relievers may offer quick fixes they are merely temporary.
  • By contrast, the right set of exercises can be a long-lasting way to tame ankle, knee, hip or shoulder pain. Practiced regularly, joint pain relief exercises might permit you to postpone – or even avoid – surgery on a problem joint that has been worsening for years.
  • By strengthening supportive muscles and restoring flexibility, over time, you may find limitations will begin to ease. And becoming more active can help you stay independent longer.

The secret to joint pain relief

The Harvard Medical School report says “all of this can be achieved at a comfortable pace and with very low cost in money or time”.  So here is an easy way to do it.

The Aircycle exercises are designed to manage arthritic joint pain and stiffness, in hands, shoulders, legs and lower back.  They help strengthen calf and thigh muscles which support and protect your hips and knees.

Stronger muscles improve balance and mobility, helping you to avoid falls and keeping you independent.   The exercises also improve joint flexibility and boost circulation.  And they are so easy, non weight bearing and you do them while you sit doing other things.

You do not have to designate special exercise times or work long periods with an Aircycle circulation booster.  Just keep your joints and muscles moving gently while sitting having coffee, reading, watching TV, working at a desk or travelling by car or plane.  It’s so simple and such an inexpensive solution at just $39.90  NZ

Relieve joint pain, strengthen leg muscles and boost circulation.

Aircycle  information & orders:  call (NZ)  0800 14 14 15  or +64 4 569 5013.    New Zealand pharmacies stock Aircycles too.     Or you can buy online right here.

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