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Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management Exercises

You Don’t Have to Live With Pain

Those who are suffering from painful conditions or illnesses should aim to mitigate their pain in the safest way possible, since the burden caused by unmanaged pain can seriously wrest from one’s happiness and quality of life. Pain affects us on many planes: spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically. When pain is very intense, it can even stop us from seeking vital rehabilitation, and can lead to falls or fatigue, which can exacerbate our pain.

The Obstacles to Pain Management

There are many barriers we can encounter when it comes to pain management; doctors can fail to prescribe us required medication because they fear they are being lied to by someone with a substance abuse problem, or because they lack the required training in pain assessment and management. Patients can also fail to seek the help they need because they fear addiction or because they do not know how to adequately describe their pain.

The Importance of Pain Management

If you are in pain, seeking professional help is vital; improper treatment can lead to self-medication, which can in turn lead to addiction. Those who are recovering from alcohol or substance addiction should know that there are excellent non-opioid approaches to pain that work wonderfully ; these therapies and devices should always be the first line for pain. In cases where opioids are necessary because of very strong pain, it is safer to use extended-release opioids, which leak a small amount of medication into the bloodstream over an extended number of hours. Patients should learn to manage their pain properly, by asking family members to hold and dole out medication if necessary, and to dispose of pain medication when they are no longer necessary.

Pain, Exercise and Circulation

Joint pain affects many people. It has been proven many times that exercise can provide sustainable, long-term relief from joint pain. Partly this is because moving the affected limbs as much as possible prevents them from seizing up and thus allowing the pain-causing problem to thoroughly embed itself. Partly this is because exercise – even tiny exercises – improve the circulation to the part of the body you’re exercising and this can have amazing results. To learn more about relieving joint pain click here.

The Aircycle can be really helpful for relieving pain and improving circulation. It is an innovative little device which allows people to gently exercise feet and hands from the comfort of a chair, a desk, at work, in front of the television, while reading, or while enjoying a conversation with friends. The exercise is non weight-bearing, and fairly gentle – meaning that it’s less painful but nonetheless promotes good circulation and keeps your joints oiled (so to speak)!

All in all, it’s a hassle-free way of doing your body a favour. A favour for which it will repay you in spades.

To learn more about relieving joint pain click here.

Finally, it is vital to stay focused on the main reasons for pain management : comfort and function.

Article shared by Melissa Davis

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