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Benefits for Ageing

Falls Prevention Exercises For Elderly

A gentle exerciser that strengthens and restores for greater mobility and independence

The Aircycle is perfect for the older adult; it’s light, portable, gentle, and effective – as well as being relaxing and enjoyable to use.

Without causing strain the Aircycle can gently improve muscle strength and restore joint function, making it a valuable tool for falls prevention and rehabilitation.

Improve your mobility, your independence, and your confidence with the Aircycle!

Improve your balance and reduce falls

As we get older, walking can become increasingly difficult due to a loss of strength in the legs, joint problems, and poor balance. We fall more easily.

The Aircycle helps to increase leg strength and restore joint flexibility, giving you improved balance and more confidence to be independent and mobile.

Improve your leg strength, independence and mobility

By using the Aircycle regularly, you can proactively improve your mobility and increase the distance you can walk with ease. Reduce your chances of falling and start walking down the street with confidence again!

By facilitating gentle movements that don’t put strain on your joints, the Aircycle lets you exercise your leg muscles in a way that’s comfortable and easy. By using it regularly you can improve your leg strength, overall fitness, and your ability to walk safely and independently with confidence.

Effective and gentle stroke rehabilitation exercise

The Aircycle provides those recovering from a stroke with gentle but effective exercise, helping them to build muscle strength and regain the use of affected limbs.

The Aircycle is so easy to keep by your chair and use several times a day, little and often, with frequent exercise leading to faster progress.

It can even be used lying down for your convenience and comfort – a particularly relaxing way to exercise your hands and arms.

Effective and gentle post operative exercise

The Aircycle is such an easy, gentle way to improve blood circulation and help you get moving again after an operation. It’s soft, therapeutic feel encourages rehabilitation exercise even when you are sore, and is often used by hospitals and physiotherapists to encourage patient exercise to aid circulation and avoid blood clotting..

Because the Aircycle works so gently it enables you to move just as much or as little as you feel able to in those first few difficult days. As you recuperate, larger movements and longer periods of rehabilitation exercise will be possible.

But you can rest assured that in the mean time, the Aircycle will help to promote circulation when more active rehabilitation exercise is too painful. To use the Aircycle while lying down just raise you knees and press the air gently in the same way as if you were sitting. Place it on your chest and exercise your hands and arms too.

Great for use in rest homes for older adults to get regular exercise

The Aircycle is a huge asset in rest homes. They are such an easy way for staff to encourage residents to maintain their mobility and independence.

Getting exercise has never been easier! As well as convenient the Aircycle can be fun, relaxing and so beneficial for improving circulation, general wellbeing, and aiding in falls prevention for older people.

Use the Aircycle while watching TV or chatting to others to reduce swollen feet and ankles, arthritic aches, pains, cramps and numbness. The Aircycle is a great tool for helping to strengthen your legs and increase joint flexibility, so helping you avoid falls.  While it is preferable for each resident to have their own Aircycle, they can be shared as they are so easily washed and disinfected.

Fantastic gifts!

Aircycles make great gifts for older people – for Xmas and birthdays, Mothers’ day and Fathers’ Day. You will be giving them, not only a novel gift which is fun to use but something which is beneficial to their health as well – to increase their comfort and joy of living.

After my stoke I had great difficulty walking and little movement in my left side. I have been using my Aircycle every day and now everyone is telling me how much better I’ve been walking – even my taxi driver!
– Noeline, Auckland

Start changing the way you feel and live!

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