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Improve Circulation

Improve Poor Blood Circulation in Joint Pain

Improve blood circulation and feel a range of health benefits

Poor circulation is the cause of many health problems and can have a negative impact on how you live your life.
The Aircycle acts to improve blood circulation for both your upper and lower body. This can ease pain, reduce swelling and help you heal more quickly so you can stay active and mobile.


Reduce foot and ankle swelling

The treadle action of the Aircycle works like a calf pump and helps to reduce ankle swelling. As we age the elasticity in the venous and lymphatic system is reduced and fluid is often retained in the tissues.

Anyone on diuretics who suffers from fluid retention or who regularly sits with legs down can benefit from the Aircycle. With regular use, it can be a highly effective and natural way of reducing foot and ankle swelling.

Help with other issues connected to circulation problems

The Aircycle can also assist with many other issues including:

  • Keeping a healthy blood flow to supply nutrients and oxygen to the brain.
  • Helping ulcers and minor abrasions heal faster
  • Easing the aching caused by varicose veins
  • Preventing night cramps and restless legs
  • Reducing the risk of blood clots (DVT)
  • Warming hands and feet
  • Relieving sciatic nerve pain
  • Reducing other aches and pains caused by conditions such as arthritis

A great tool for proactive diabetic foot care

When you suffer from diabetes maintaining good blood circulation is crucial to your health, as blood vessels narrow and nerve endings die, resulting in loss of feeling. This means that minor injuries can easily develop into ulcers, and without good circulation, ulcers are difficult to heal and sometimes even lead to amputation. Convenient, gentle, and easy to use, The Aircycle is a great way to proactively face the potential complications of diabetes.

‘My husband uses the Aircycle for his sciatic nerve pain. It doesn’t take many minutes to relieve it, it’s a great help.’

– C. Lamb, Invercargill

Start changing the way you feel and live!

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