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Benefits for Office Workers

Ergonomic Exercises For Office Workers

Easily and discreetly improve your comfort and wellbeing as you work!

People are made to move and be active, so sitting in the office behind a desk or at a computer defies what our bodies need to thrive – exercise and movement.

The Aircycle is perfect for providing discreet and ergonomic exercise while you’re at the office. It aids in the maintenance of normal blood flow while sitting and helps to avoid the chance of blood clots.

Best of all you can easily transport it between work and home by deflating it and popping it into your pocket or purse!

Deadly threat in the office – blood clots

A study by the Medical Research Institute in Wellington New Zealand found that 34% of patients admitted to hospital with blood clots had been seated at work for long periods.

Read how the Aircycle can make staying active in the office easy, discreet, and convenient….

Exercise while you sit and reduce the chance of Deep Vein Thrombosis (D.V.T.)

A blood clot, or Deep Vein Thrombosis (D.V.T.), is a frightening health concern for anyone who spends long periods of time sitting with their legs down. Don’t think it happens to old people only – it happens to young people too!

Because the Aircycle acts as an effective circulation booster, it can help reduce the chance of the occurrence of DVT.

Use it discreetly and easily as a computer exercise either under your desk while you work or while you rest, and proactively protect your health and comfort.

The perfect office exercise to help reduce the occurrence of OOS (RSI)

Use the Aircycle easily either under your desk, on your lap, or on top of the desk to help repair and prevent hand, arm, and shoulder injuries – specifically those caused by OOS.

By improving circulation and encouraging joint movement the Aircycle is a great way to prevent OOS, acting as the perfect office exercise. It can also help relax your arms and relieve shoulder tension.

Its handy portability and discreet nature make it ideal for office environments, great as a computer exercise, and an affordable way to maintain your wellbeing.

Reduce aches, pains and cramps

To reduce the aches, pains and cramps you receive from sitting down for long periods of time use the Aircycle while you sit.

Place it under your desk and pedal the Aircycle to effectively pump blood throughout your body, especially to and in your feet and legs – those parts which suffer the most from poor circulation when sitting.

Use it regularly and start noticing fewer aches, pains, cramps, and a greater level of comfort.

A fantastic staff gift for ergonomic exercise, computer exercise, and office exercise

The Aircycle is a novel and extremely useful gift for staff.

Stop searching for something new and different, the Aircycle is right here waiting for you! Offer your staff an easy way of increasing the comfort with which they work, and give them the Aircycle for an ergonomic exerciser that facilitates both office and at the computer exercise. What’s more, it will help your workplace meet health and safety regulations.

The Aircycle is a great, innovative Christmas present, and can even be printed with your company name and used for advertising. Ask for special prices for bulk orders.

My shoulders ache when working at the computer, the Aircycle helps me relax and relieves my shoulder tension.
– Sophia, Wellington

Start changing the way you feel and live!

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