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Benefits for Diabetics

Diabetes Foot Care Treatment

Foot care for Diabetes is simple with the Aircycle

Maintaining good circulation to and in the feet is a key factor in foot care for Diabetes, as ulcers and other foot problems can often occur and go undetected – sometimes leading to amputation.

Use the Aircycle as a diabetes treatment today and take another step towards a healthier future.

Effective and affordable diabetes foot care

The best way to approach diabetic foot care is through prevention. The Aircycle helps people with Diabetes maintain circulation in the feet, giving them a regular and gentle way of exercising that speeds up healing.

This helps them resist infections that may cause serious health complications in the future.
Foot care when you’re a diabetic is of high priority. When diabetes begins to damage the delicate blood vessels and nerve endings in your feet loss of sensation occurs, leading to sores and injuries going un-felt and sometimes undetected.

Because of the lack of blood circulation in the feet, these cuts and abrasions take a long time to heal and as a result can lead to serious health complications or even amputation. These complications make consistent diabetic foot care so important.

A diabetes treatment that encourages healing, blood circulation and sensation in your feet.

The Aircycle cannot change or cure your diabetes, but it can help stimulate and maintain the circulation in your feet. Creating a whirlpool action, the Aircycle pumps fresh blood into your feet and throughout your lower body making it an effective preventative diabetic foot treatment.

Use your Aircycle with the “treadle” action several times a day to keep a continual flow of blood moving to the small blood vessels in the feet and toes.

Endeavor to keep your circulation boosted at all times for the proactive management of your diabetic foot care and overall wellbeing.

Take care of your feet – don’t take them for granted!

My toes had gone dark blue, and my doctor said that I would lose them. Now my toes are pink again! I can’t believe it. I had been using the Aircycle for only two days – but lots of times each day.
S. R., Wellington

“Thank you for a superb product,  I have had it for two weeks now and it is working wonders already. I am in my mid sixties and have been a type 2 diabetic for eight years now , and had been suffering poor circulation in both legs which caused an ingrown toenail to go septic and cause a diabetic ulcer , but since using the aircycle the results are amazing. The swelling in my legs and feet have decreased dramatically , my ulcerated toe has started to heal and all the pain from my toe has gone. The toes on my other foot have stopped tingling and getting sore on the tips and they are back to a healthy pink colour. I am now able to walk much further without pain.”

Richard Leighton, Tamworth, UK

Start changing the way you feel and live!

Receive the benefits Buy the Aircycle today
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