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Feeling the Cold? Wake up those sleepy muscles!

Does that nip in the air make it hard to get moving?

Freezing temperatures and icy winds often deter us from keeping up our normal outdoor exercise routines.  What better way to warm yourself than getting the blood pumping indoors and warming up from the inside.

The less active we are, the more we feel the cold and the easier it is to become a couch potato during winter months.   But it’s easy to warm hands and feet and to keep muscles in good condition without venturing outdoors.

The Aircycle exerciser is used while sitting in your favourite chair, reading  or chatting on the phone. It will get your circulation going in no time. The movement is a gentle awakening for sleepy muscles and joints, warms and loosens them to ease them into action.

muscle-crampTight, cold muscles mean decreased mobility and are more prone to injury.

Imagine putting a rubber band in the freezer and then trying to stretch it over a large box. It snaps. But warm the rubber band slowly and it will stretch to take the force of your pull. That band is like your muscles in winter.  Keep them gently exercised, warm and soft and you will not have mobility problems or risk injury.

Figure-2There is no need for hard workouts when using the Aircycle.

Lengthy exercise routines are unnecessary.  Short, frequent spells throughout the day and evening are most effective. A few minutes with the Aircycle while having coffee, chatting to a friend or watching TV will keep your blood pumping, warm feet and hands and keep your muscles soft and loose, ready for any daily activity.

A good warm up keeps the body running like a well oiled machine. Mrs Spiers wrote, “I have arthritis and joint problems. When I’ve been using the Aircycle I feel as though I’ve had a good lube. My joints are more flexible and I can garden more easily.”

Aircycles are available in New Zealand pharmacies, at www.aircycle.co.nz.nz, by calling +64 4 569 5013.


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