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Diabetes – are You a Sitter?

Woman on Coach Having a Phone CallSitting killed 5.3 million people worldwide last year. Globally, 20% of early deaths are preventable with moderate exercise. So don’t be surprised (or insulted ) if the next prescription from your doctor is for nothing more than an exercise regime,” a report from America recently stated

A few years ago, Dr David Dunstan of the Australian Heart and Diabetes Institute warned that every hour spent watching TV increases the risk of early death from all causes. And now research says that inactivity not only contributes to obesity, heart disease and diabetes, but prolonged sitting may contribute to the risk of depression.

We sit in cafes, in offices, in the car, in front of TV and computers. And we know that inactivity is one of the high risk factors for diabetes. More than 240,000 people in New Zealand have diagnosed diabetes and about as many again have it without knowing.

Diabetes is emerging as the biggest health catastrophe the world has ever seen. It will overwhelm healthcare resources everywhere and jeopardise the health of over half a million New Zealanders over the next decade.

Poorly managed diabetes is a major cause of heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, blindness and foot and leg amputations.

Cramp Massaging the FootWorryingly”, says Diabetes Queensland CEO, Michelle Trute, “we found more than a quarter of Queenslanders with diabetes were not meeting the basic requirements of foot care to avoid the risk of future amputation.” Figures for other countries are likely to be similar.

Keeping circulation boosted in feet and legs is important to help avoid some of the foot complications which often occur and can lead to amputation – numbness, tingling, loss of feeling, abrasions and ulcers which do not heal.

Cycling the AirSo keep moving while you sit – in front of TV, in the office or in the car. The Aircycle circulation booster enables you to do this to help maintain good blood flow to feet and legs and reduce swollen ankles and cramps. It is helpful for anyone who sits long periods as well as for those with diabetes and arthritis.

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