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Delay Dementia. Walk 10 city blocks or about 1 Kilometre Daily

Delay dementia.

Walking can delay dementia, research says

The World Health Organization reports that one new case of dementia is detected every 4 seconds.   And we now know from recent studies, that people who are sedentary are at greater risk of cognitive decline.

We have long known that walking is good for our health.  Finally, research shows that even walking 10 city blocks a day, equivalent to about 2,000 – 3,000 steps or 1 km, can help delay dementia.  It may also help improve cardiovascular and joint health over time

Do you need help meeting the basic daily exercise requirement?

If you need help meeting the basic daily exercise requirement, then Walk10Blocks is an app which may help you.   It is designed to motivate and support people to stand up and take a walk.

Walk10Blocks helps you set reasonable walking goals and move from the couch to 10 blocks through motivating, friendly alerts. Based on data from your iPhone, the Walk10Blocks app helps you track your walking activity.  It provides easy-to-read measurements and records your important feedback to questionnaires.

To do it yourself or to get help?

Walk to delay dementia

Walk in places you enjoy and with others you enjoy being with.

Many people find their own way to motivate themselves to exercise for both brain and body health. The main thing is to find activities you enjoy such as walking in the park or on the beach, cycling, swimming or joining a Tai Chi or yoga class.  If you enjoy the exercise you have chosen, you will keep it up. And for those less mobile, don’t forget how easy it is to keep moving with an Aircycle  while sitting watching TV or confined to an office desk.

Easy to use App may help

Walk10Blocks is the first app designed specifically to help adults get off the couch and start walking.  If you choose to try this app you will be at the same time, contributing to ground breaking research.

Arthritis Consumer Experts has partnered with Canadian Association for Retired Persons (CARP) and Alzheimer’s Society of British Columbia to develop this easy-to-use iPhone app to help people become more physically active through walking called “Walk10Blocks.”

This innovative project is supported by ICON (Improving Cognitive & Joint Health Network). It is a 3-year knowledge translation network research study funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. To learn more about the project, please click here.

Join the research to study the benefits of walking and the possible delay of dementia.

Arthritis Consumer Experts is looking for people to join the “Walk10Blocks” community.  To start walking, all you need is an iPhone 5s or 6 and five minutes of your time every other day to answer brief survey questions about your experience using the app.

To download the “Walk10Blocks” app, please click here.

When you use the Walk10Blocks app, you also are partnering with the research team from Arthritis Research Canada, Arthritis Consumer Experts, Alzheimer Society of B.C and Canadian Association of Retired Persons. Together they are studying the benefits of walking for adults who are inactive, older and at risk for or struggling with arthritis or dementia.

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