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Breast Cancer Surgery. Aircycle Self Management in Recovery

Breast cancer surgery and removal of lymph nodes

Recently I received an email from Jennie who had found yet another use for her Aircycle.

Jennie recently had a breast cancer operation and lymph nodes removed. Because of this, it is important for her to keep the lymph flowing in that area so that her arm does not swell.

Below is what Jennie had to say about how her Aircycle helped after her breast cancer surgery.

In Jennie’s words

After breast cancer surgery, use these hand exercises

Use both of these hand exercises for improving circulation and relieving joint pain in hands, wrists and shoulders.

After my breast cancer surgery involving lymph node removal, I was warned of the increased risk of swelling to my right arm, particularly when flying and taking long land journeys. In order to keep my lymphatic system active and flowing adequately, I have used my Aircycle in conjunction with my compression bandage.

It is good to know that I can take ownership for the health of my system, even when in a less than ideal environment such as an aircraft or cramped in a car. Just taking my Aircycle with me on the plane reminds me of the importance to keep my large limbs moving. It is small – so easy to pack and very easy to use.

Many uses

Jennie has previously used her Aircycle under her office desk and on long flights and long car journeys.  When she is sitting for long periods Jennie likes to keep the blood circulating to her feet and legs to avoid the risk of blood clots (DVT).    The exercise also stops her ankles swelling which happens on long flights.

Do you sometimes take off your shoes on a flight and find your feet no longer fit back into them at the end of the journey?  There is an answer to that problem.

Keep your feet on your Aircycle and use it frequently throughout your flight or car journey, with the “treadle” action. You will find your feet will fit comfortably back into your shoes on arrival.   It really works to keep the swelling down.  See the treadle action pictured. It is just like using an old sewing machine.  More about increasing blood circulation in feet and legs with the Aircycle here

Treadle - Toes

This action is a great circulation booster when sitting travelling or working at an office desk.



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