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It’s Orange Month and Arthritis Awareness and Appeal Week

 Help yourself – and Arthritis New Zealand too.

Young people helping Arthritis New Zealand with their annual appeal

Young people helping Arthritis New Zealand with their annual appeal

From 20th – 26th September Arthritis New Zealand is  “Painting New Zealand Orange”.  You will see the bright orange vests and collection tins in town on Friday.  Once again it is arthritis awareness and annual appeal week and the organisation is as much in need of your support as ever.  Please be generous when you see the collectors.

Did you know that more than half a million  New Zealanders live with arthritis.  It can strike anyone from babies to the elderly and can cause much pain. It is one of the greatest causes of disability in New Zealand.  There are over 140 different forms of arthritis.

The mission of Arthritis New Zealand is to improve the health and wellbeing of people who are affected. Although there is no cure for arthritis, there are many ways you can manage and relieve your symptoms to reduce the likelihood of it progressing.

The Importance of Self Management

One of the most important aspects of self management is exercise. Physical activity of all kinds, helps to keep your joints moving, increase flexibility and help reduce pain.  Exercise also increases  muscle strength and stronger muscles help support and protect your joints. Walking, Tai Chi, swimming and gentle exercise classes all can help.

A self management tool

One very easy way to keep joints moving and manage pain was discovered by an Otaki woman some years ago when searching for a way to help her severely affected husband. She made him an inflatable exerciser which helped him greatly. She called it an Aircycle and Arthritis New Zealand wrote about it in their national magazine.

Ever since, people have been requesting this soft, easy to use exerciser for both hands and feet. Feedback has continually reinforced the benefits coming from keeping it beside a comfortable chair and using it frequently while sitting watching TV, reading, having coffee or chatting on the phone.

It is a great circulation booster and many people have found it helpful for other conditions also; reducing swollen ankles and cramps, relieving diabetes foot problems, sciatic nerve pain, aching legs, sore and cold feet and hands, for Parkinson’s, MS, stroke rehabilitation, strengthening muscles and helping people remain mobile and independent. It is washable and folds to carry in a pocket to use on flights, in the car or under an office desk – for anyone who has to sit for long periods. It has a lifetime guarantee and is available in pharmacies throughout New Zealand.

Aircycle supports Arthritis New Zealand

Aircycle is a supporter of Arthritis N.Z

If you order an Aircycle this week, Arthritis New Zealand will receive $5 from your order.

Mark your order “Arthritis order.”       Order online here

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