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A Mother Of all Gifts

By Libby RobinsonPain relief for Mother

Mother’s Day can be a strain sometimes – not just because we feel we have to celebrate it but also because the boxes of chocolates for the last two years simply won’t do another year round.

A clever New Zealand woman has relieved me of this year’s agony. When many of our mothers are feeling the aches and strains of ageing limbs, or are sufferers of ailments which produce chronic pain or circulatory problems, Jenny Watson’s Aircycle is a perfect self-help answer. It’s a totally transportable exerciser, folding to fit your pocket, simple in concept, easy-peasy to use and acclaimed by the growing number of users as near-miraculous in it efficacy.

For painful hands, feet or legs this small therapeutic device is for when sitting, most effective when used several short spells a day – no need for long tough workouts. Jenny Jenny with Aircyclesays, “Gratifyingly, many delighted people report that it helps relieve arthritic pain and other little devils such as cramp and ankle swelling. We know that  regular use while sitting watching TV can begin the progress of stronger leg muscles, better balance, comfortable walking and freedom from endless discomfort.” She emphasises, “It’s an easy way to manage a range of health conditions – it offers relief.”  It’s a sort of air cushion that any of us can use, even while on the job, such as those of us in sedentary jobs – the office sitters and those with flight plight. Travellers shouldn’t be without it

Jenny says that she inherited the production of the Aircycle from a relative who cleverly made one to help relieve her husband’s arthritis. Jenny has refined and strengthened the model and is keeping the price as low as possible to assist older people on pensions.

Jenny showed me some of the many grateful letters she’d received. Often Aircycle users have spent heavily on pills, potions and theHands in circlerapy before discovering this simple effective, drug-free device. Jenny says, “News is fast spreading by word of mouth about Treadle - ToesAircycle, but as yet relatively few know about it.”

Well, I say, time others did! Mum – you’re going to like this.

Readers wanting to know more about Jenny Watson’s Aircycle can visit the website at www.aircycle.co.nz. nz  or phone +64 (0) 4 2933224 (NZ)


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